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Black Friday Update: Why Doesn't Everyone Just Shop Online?

November 26th, 2010 | Small Business | No Comments »

It’s Black Friday and I’m at the mall.  It’s horrible.  Just getting a parking spot was a fight or flee situation — and you had to make snap judgments on how aggressive you should be based on the competing car.  Ford F-150…well I could probably beat him to the spot, but he’ll likely be very large and angry.  2010 Land-Rover SUV…very likely a soccer-mom who could scratch my eyes out without getting an increased pulse rate.  Subaru Outback…hmmm, probably a softball bat in the back.  Finally I was in competition with another Prius-driver.  That person will definitely be a pacifist vegetarian…time to get aggressive.

After winning my slap-fight with the surprisingly tough Prius-owner, I walk into Nordstroms.  First off, I don’t care how great the deals are here, it costs too much.  Why is everyone running around thinking that they need to buy the overpriced sweaters before they run out?  There will always be more and I’m sure your husband won’t really like it…but will wear it.

I’m walking past all the mid-mall vendors.  Since when was it acceptable to shout out shoppers to try some crappy “jewelry cleanser” or some odd remote controlled car, or my favorite, hair extensions for childern.  Not only are the products being offered very strange, but there is no discretion in who is being offered them.  My wife doesn’t wear jewelry and we have no kids. 

This mall experience is not great …except for the Cinnabun visit (dang).  As I spot the lines at the register, I’m thinking…why don’t I just shop online?  I guess it’s exciting to see the crowds, especially as this year seems to be the first in three years where consumers are really going to open up their wallets.  But I could have just watched the news instead of cramming myself into this social experiment.  So why am I here…I mean a busy mall on Black Friday shouldn’t be unexpected.  Well, I want to try out the Microsoft Kinect at the new Microsoft store.  Yes…I’m a big nerd.

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