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Thanksgiving and Technology

November 25th, 2010 | Small Business | No Comments »

Hello everyone! I finally have Thanksgiving break! Yay!! So, this is a special post! 🙂 First, lemme ask you a question! What was your first piece of technology? Does anyone remember? I don’t remember what mine was, but I do remember that my parents had a cassette tape and a Walkman. Another question! What technology are you thankful for? I am thankful for the cell phone, because you can communicate on the go, the laptop because it’s mobile and lets me work on my papers as long as the battery’s there and the web because it makes research so much easier! Stuff that you might consider buying for someone. If you know a geek or are one(be proud of it!) Wired has some pretty cool gifts. Here are the ones that sounded interesting!

  • The nPowerPEG: it uses your movement to charge things! $150
  • Travelteq Trash Messenger: yes the bag is actually called that. It looks nice and is large enough to stash a lot of stuff. $365(expensive though)
  • Think Geek Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit: Yes! Now I can play mad scientist!(evil laugh) $70
  • Temple Laptop Briefcase: like the other bag except cheaper $ 478(slightly)
  • Matias Folding Keyboard: Find touch screens difficult to use? Don’t want to carry a large keyboard with you everywhere you go? Then this is for you! $ 70
  • Sure SE425 Earbuds: The wire is reinforced with Kelvar and they have a two year warranty. Maybe these ones will last me…..$300
  • Cannon S95 Camera: blur free stills and good low light abilities $400
  • Country Comm Embassy Pen: looks cool and is supposed to last a lifetime; the tip looks like it’s fine point $39 (cheaper than most good quality fountain pens)
  • Davey Flask with Telescoping Cup: I wanna store my water in this….I like the design. $118
  • iPad: I want a stylus with this one….$629
  • Dixit: Yay! Plot ideas! Now I can get some more twists for my novel! $35
  • Sharpie Liquid Pencil :Yes! No more sharpening and it has a fine tip. $2
  • Hi Tech Art LED Map of the US: Maybe this will make US history seem more interesting. #the Wired pic shows Europe instead of America $200
  • Rockler Bench Cookie: Keeps stuff in place! $12 for a set of 4
  • Cleveland CG 15 Wedges: Makes golf balls spin! # If anyone gets one of these, let me see you golf. Please? $120
  • Koziel Trompe-L’Oeil Wallpaper: Perspective wallpaper. Makes it look like you could walk into the scene. I want one of these…$49-199
  • RockPaperRobot Float Table: It floats! It’s expensive though. $2,000
  • Innate Doppio Cappuccino Tumbler: Keeps your cup of coffee hot and keeps it at an actual cup. $9
  • Lomography Spinner 360°: It spins! Now you can capture motion around you more easily.  $145

Wow, that was a lot of stuff. The Wired list has a 100 of them. So that’s what you can look for if you go shopping on Black Friday. Speaking of Black Friday, here’s some tips for getting what you want.

  • Get there early. I know the economy’s been bad, but it seems like it’s rebounding, so be sure to get to the store early.
  • Get coupons! Some stores will let you use coupons for stuff that’s already on sale.
  • Make a list. You should probably do this every time you go shopping because then you won’t get distracted by what’s above your budget.
  • Budget; don’t go crazy, you’ll get the bill sooner or later
  • If you’re buying gifts for someone, go shopping with that person and keep an eye on what they like. Then if you can loose them for a few minutes get the thing that they want.

So, anyone have anymore shopping tips?

The orange/green thing is supposed to be a pumpkin

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