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KikReport: Helps Businesses Demonstrate Trust to Shoppers

October 22nd, 2009 | Online & Small Business Resources,Small Business,Small Business Tips | No Comments »

Are you losing sales because shoppers do not know enough about your business? It is human nature that when shopping online customers look for indications and information that they can trust the online business that they are about to buy from. More and more shoppers decide that if an online merchant does not have indications of trustworthiness, they will not buy from a business. That is the reason it is so important for online merchants to quickly and in a powerful manner demonstrate trustworthiness and security to shoppers. If merchants fail to do this, they will lose the chance to close a sale.

Shoppers Concerns When Shopping Online

When shoppers look at an online store that they want to buy from, they often want to know more about the following:

1) Who is the management for this business?
2) Where is the business located?
3) What kind of return and customer service policies does the merchant have?
4) Does the business store credit card and other sensitive information securely?
5) Does this business have a track record of delivering a product?
6) What have other customers thought about shopping with this merchant?

Use a KikReport to Answer Shoppers Questions Regarding Trust

Merchants can use a KikReport to help answer each of these questions.  By answering each of these questions, a merchant has a much better chance of getting a customer to understand that the merchant’s business is trustworthy.  The KikReport acts as a merchant report card that provides dynamic and real time information that is organized in an easy format for shoppers to understand.  Each KikReport contains detailed information such as:

1) Details regarding the management for a business;

2) Information regarding website security and website traffic for your business;

3) Key pieces of information about your return, privacy and customer service policies;

4) Recent comments from other shoppers and customers of yours;

5) Information on where your business is located; and

6) An optional video that you can use to introduce yourself to shoppers

The KikReport allows you to display this information to shoppers.  Using the KikReport and your KikScore is a powerful way to demonstrate trust to online shoppers.  By using these tools to demonstrate trust you can get more shoppers to buy from you. To see a sample KikReport, click here.  This is the KikReport for the Interactive Security Group.

More information, means more trust which translates into more sales for your business.  Find out more information about KikScore and KikReport here.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on the KikReport.  We would love to hear from your.

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