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The Holiday Birthday… How do you separate??

December 23rd, 2009 | Customer Support,KikScore & KikReport,News,Online & Small Business Resources,shopping,Small Business,Social Media,Uncategorized | 2 Comments »

XmasIt’s almost Christmas and yet we’ve been inundated with presents since the 18th due to it being my daughter’s birthday, she just turned 2. My husband and I have a strategy in place (or so we think) to make her birth “day” special and still keep the holiday spirit. On the 18th (we started it last year) we go to pick out the family Christmas Tree… there’s a great tree lot right in our neighborhood, so we don’t have to venture far. This year, Tallyn seemed quite excited about the whole ordeal. We took the tree home, heated up some chili and started to decorate. After all the morning excitement, it was naptime, during which we actively assembled birthday presents to surprise her upon awakening. Our little plan worked and she immediately wanted to ride her new tricycle (fondly found on CraigsList for a steal!) and get messy with her Painting/Chalkboard easel (from Grandma).

Now the tricky part comes in… family from all over the continent then begins to send birthday AND Christmas presents and we (my husband and I) are forced to ‘decide’ which is for which holiday and when does the present opening stop? Toss into the mix her ‘friends’ party (seven 2-3 year olds running around for 2 hours at our house on Sunday) and all the gifts that go with that… which we ended up opening last night since Sunday was much too chaotic. So now she gets 4 days separation between Birthday and Christmas and we are running out of room and wrapping paper…perhaps we are destined to a week of present opening for the next 16+ years… should we be more diligent on the separation of holiday at this early an age?


I fear poor Tallyn will end up one of those horror stories where the birthday and Christmas celebrations get blended into one… I have a co—worker whose 2nd son was born on Christmas day and they’ve had to make a habit of reminding relatives to get him a Birthday present too… his mom almost forgot one year, poor kid. The Holidays are a magical time of year and still Birthdays are the #1 holiday for all of us… we hope to keep the spirit alive for both for our daughter. Are you a ‘Christmas Holiday Birthday Kid’? Or do you have a relative or child that is? How do you separate the celebrations? Have a Merry Christmas and HAPPY Birthday to any and all!

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2 Responses

  1. Rush says:

    I’ve had many friends and co-workers with birthdays that fell the week of Christmas. As they got older, the need and desire to separate their birthdays from the Christmas holiday grew stronger. Simple solution — celebrate your half birthday! Seemed to work great for them…

  2. Adam says:

    I say let her open birthday presents all week until Christmas – if you have birthday presents arriving late. Make it a week long celebration.

    I have to deal with something similar with Lilly. Her birthday is 5 days after Christmas. This year she gets Christmas at Mom’s, Christmas at Dad’s, Christmas in Arizona, and then a couple of birthday parties. I’ve just let it turn into a week long celebration of presents. Calvin is actually jealous of her.

    I’m sure that when she gets older, she may want to draw a distinction between her birthday presents and Christmas – and then maybe we’ll go to the 1/2 birthday thing.

    Something similar happens with Hannah in that her birthday is the beginning of August when all the kids are out of school. It was very hard to get kids to come to a birthday party (can’t pass out invites in class) So we let her have a ‘birthday’ sleepover/party for Halloween.

    Do whatever is most fun for Tallyn 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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