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My Favorite iPhone Apps: Business Related (generally)

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

iphone_homeI won’t get into the Smart Phone wars…Google vs. Sprint vs. Apple.  I own an iPhone.  The phone aspect is truly horrible…unless you enjoy the excitement of wondering whether you’ll get through an entire conversation without have the call drop on you.  But the Apps on the iPhone are great.  As I was on a business trip, I was noticing how often I used certain Apps to get through the day. 

There are plenty of other reviews of Apps for business uses.  A good one is the one done by Inc. — they list out 10 very good business Apps, inlcuding Jott (which transcribes your notes that you verbally take).  Thought there are other lists, that shouldn’t stop me from sharing.  And as you’ll see, mine include some fun ones (as all business and now play make Jack…wealthy, but really no fun).  Here we go.  My favorite (mostly business related) Apps:

1.  WSJ/CNBC — This is a bit of a cop-out…having a tie on the first choice.  But there is a reason.  The Wall Street Journal is a great App, but you have to be a subscriber to access it.  So if you don’t subscribe, CNBC’s App is a great alternative.  Of course, they both keep you up on the latest business news.

2.  WordPress:  A great App for mobile blogging.  I don’t mobile blog as much as I should, but I’ve done it a few times on this App and it is really slick.

3.  Touchlytics:  This App lets you track your site traffic/visits…just ties into your Google analytics account.  They have a good lite version of this App.

4.  iVideoCamera:  I was going to buy a iPhone 3GS — mainly for the video capability.  But then the new iPhone comes out later this year…what to do?  I found this App and for $.99, I have video capability and can instantly share it on our blog, YouTube and Twitter.

5.  AroundMe:  I have the Chipotle, Starbucks, and Target Apps, but if you need to find other stores (it’s hard to imagine that you would need to) you can find it easily on AroundMe.  You can also find a Chipotle on AroundMe.

6.  RingCentral:  Once you have a RingCentral account, you can manage your calls and call out from your RingCentral 800 number. 

7.  TweetDeck:  There are a lot of Twitter Apps, but this one, in my opinion, is the best.

8.  TextsFromLastNight:  Not a lot of business function, but it makes any meeting very tolerable.

Send us your favorite and we’ll reconsider this list.

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Posts Tagged ‘wsj’

Will Entrepreneurs and Pizza Palors Save the U.S. Economy?

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

the hoffFinancial markets have melted down, real estate industry has a faint heart beat, and Corporate America has been laying off people by hundreds of thousands each month.  People are concerned about job security and not spending any more on expensive trips or dinners.  Not an ideal recipe for an economy or starting a business.  Or is it? 

There is a saying that you should “never underestimate the US consumer” — that is especially true for consumption of food.  More specifically, it is true for consumption of pizza.  Pizza is on my mind for two reasons.  First, we are in full swing of the football season and it seems that every weekend I’m eating pizza and watching football each Sunday. Quick tangent — I’m loving the new Domino’s Pizza.  Throw in some Chicken Kickers with ESPN, and you’ve got a great little Sunday. 

The second reason for my focus on pizza is an article that I stumbled across in the USA Today.  It discusses the rise of entrepreneurs in the form of franchisee owners, with a particular focus on CiCis Pizza franchises.  I did a little research and found that in this recession, Dominos continues to grow (just an fyi, my hope is to praise Dominos enough to get some free pizza out of this blog posting).  The pizza business has only flurished in this environment.  There is also a profile in the WSJ this past week on California Pizza Kitchen — with their founders leaving the law as defense attorneys to create a pizza chain concept. 

As the numbers are showing, Americans love pizza.  It’s cheap and tasty, it’s also relatively easy to start a pizza shop.  Take these facts and couple it with all the successful individuals looking to start a business, and we may be facing a marinara-led growth out of this recession.  Or at least a free pizza coupon for me due to my sucking up to Dominos.

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