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Netflix Sounds Like a Pretty Cool Place to Work

June 16th, 2010 | Online & Small Business Resources,Small Business,Small Business Tips | No Comments »

This article about Netflix on TechCrunch gives a summary of a 128-page PowerPoint deck (that is also included in full at the bottom) that was apparently originally intended as a communication to new employees in order to share the “Seven Aspects of our Culture” at Netflix. 

Most of the ideas in this deck seem like they were written by asking a group of employees of any company, “What policies do you wish your company had?”  A couple of the Netflix policies in this deck that fall into this category would be the  “take as much vacation as you feel you need” policy and the “pay employees more than they could get anywhere else” policy.  These sound like great ideas if you are a potential candidate to work at Netflix but I think that these policies can only work in certain cultures where only the cream of the crop work.

There are also a few Netflix policies in this deck that really seem like good ideas no matter where you work.  One of the policies basically says that if you think about one person on your team that you would do anything to keep from leaving you should then look at the other people on your team and consider firing them so that you open a spot for a new “superstar” employee to take.

Another idea in this deck that is very interesting to me is that Netflix apparently doesn’t believe in offering their employees training or “career development” as they put it.  They think that they are helping develop their employees by simply allowing them to interact with their other colleagues at Netflix.  They also make a good point that high performance people are often very resourceful and will find ways to develop their own careers and should not rely on a corporation to do this for them.

There are a lot of other interesting ideas in this Netflix deck…check it out and let us know what other ideas you like.

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