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Free Events Aren't "Free" for Organizers — But Worth Every Penny

February 18th, 2010 | Small Business | No Comments »

As we’ve mentioned quite a bit, KikScore is co-hosting a free social commerce camp in D.C. this Saturday (sccdc.eventbrite.com).  Because of the good graces of many people (the speakers and the law firm, Mayer Brown, that is providing the space), we are able to provide a very informative 3-hour event that 100 small businesses have signed up for already (we have 10 tix left, if you’re interested). 

Free content, free space…seems straight forward enough.  But we’ve spent a lot of time on this to make it happen.  You just don’t think about it, but you need: food/drink (which is harder to arrange than you may think, since we need to pick up at 7:30 am on Saturday in downtown D.C….which is dead on Saturdays); a projector for the presentations (everyone has them at work, but you don’t have one laying around the house, so Network Solutions is coming through for us on this); an extension cord for the projector (again, silly to think about, but pretty crucial); name tags and markers (not pricey, but just one more thing to get); and signage (did you know that printing out larger signs is pretty expensive…i didn’t).

We thought we had everything covered, then we thought…hmm, sign-up sheet and email reminder of the event (with suggested topics from the audience).  I’m starting to understand why companies have event marketers.  The best thing I’m taking from this is that this event will be our first of many and we’ll have a lot of lessons to pull from for our next even (hopefully in Denver, CO).

It’s been a lot of things to think about, but we’re really excited about all the sign-ups and buzz (we’ve had to re-open sign-ups twice).  Hope you can attend…if not, hope to see you at the next event.

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