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Do You Protect Your Business Brand From Your Personal Brand?

January 14th, 2010 | Small Business | No Comments »

brand manSmall and start-up businesses need to build an identity in the marketplace.  With or without using our KikScore service, a newer or lesser-known business needs to establish a brand that is recognized and trusted.  But newer and smaller businesses are often just the reflection of the individual owners, so what do you do as a business owner so as to not offend a possible customer or partner?

As most bloggers, I have a personal example to share.  Of the KikScore team, I think I’m the only one to have voted for McCain…I know how to pick a winner (I hated Palin, but would have loved to see Johnny Mac in the White House).  But when we officially launched KikScore, as I was putting on the business bumper sticker, I removed the “John McCain 2008”.  Why?  Because as an entrepreneur, I don’t want to offend a potential customer and I don’t want to link the KikScore brand with my personal ideology.  In other words, I’d rather have a successful business than let the world know my political leanings.  But does it matter?  Maybe it could help your business, as your personal beliefs could align your business with customers with similar positions. 

Right or wrong, the marketplace assigns values to businesses that may or may not be intended by the owners.  Think about Walmart and Costco. Each provide a bulk/warehouse shopping experience, located in the suburbs.  But Walmart is deemed to be “Republican” and Costco is “Democrat”.  I seriously doubt either business wants to cater only to half of voting public, but some people will only shop at the bulk warehouse that is more in line with their political affiliation.

The question now remains is do you tone down your personal activities to avoid turning off your customers, continue as-is, or assign you personal affiliations to business in an effort to win business?

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