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Another Top Ten List For Small Businesses — But this one is Pretty Good

November 5th, 2009 | Uncategorized | No Comments »

I’m not sure if David Letterman is to blame, but Top 10 lists exist for almost everything.  They are very similar to the “Idiot’s Guide” series.  They are the gimmick everyone uses to give you/your business advice.  Excuse a tangent for the moment, but I have a real problem with these Idiot’s Guides.  At first, they made sense — if you need to know how to use Microsoft Word, the title seems appropriate.  But now there are Idiot’s Guide to XMLT, or Cold Fusion.  These aren’t “Idiot’s Guides”…they are simply guides.  Sorry for that.

Ok, back to the proliferation of Top 10 lists for almost every piece of advice.  First, I think that ten pieces of advice are really too many to remember.  Just give us the most important 3 — I can remember that and, really, I’ll probably benefit the most from the Top 3.  Secondly, most of these Top 10 don’t actually have ten unique pieces of advice.  They fudge it (e.g. “Tip #8 — Remember Tip #10). 

But I came across a pretty good Top Ten list for Small Businesses — focused on the Top Ten ways a company can cross the divide from start-up to established venture.   I’d repeat them for you, but that feels like copying someone else’s homework.  But I’ll tell you my favorite tip — #2 (see, focus on the top 3 tips).  #2 is “Don’t underestimate the importance of informed intuition and gut feel.”

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