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KikScore Presentation: Security for Small and Medium Businesses: Top Trends That Matter Now

Monday, November 22nd, 2010
Security for Small and Medium Businesses: Top Trends That Matter Now

View more presentations from KikScore.
Mike and I were invited to speak at the Focus.com Interactive Summit on All Things Small and Medium Business on October 28, 2010.  We covered previously the great list of topics and speakers (ourselves excluded of course, we are just humble Midwestern fellas!), that were included during the presentation.
Mike gets credit for putting together a great slide deck that somehow was able to weave in security trends for small and medium businesses conveyed through pictures from AwkwardFamilyPhoto.com.  To hear our presentation (and the other great ones), the recordings of those presentations are at the Focus.com site.  You just need to sign up and you can access the on demand recordings.
In our presentation on security for small and medium businesses, we covered:
1. Tips to use to protect your business from data compromises;
2. Ways to make sure your employees are using good security practices;
3. New trends in phishing that impact businesses;
4. Best practices for password, system and account security for your business and employees;
5. Tips on protecting your systems, sensitive information and computers from intruders and hackers;
6. And much more.
So please take a listen. We promise you will learn something and also get a chuckle or two from our presentation.  Also special thanks to the great Focus.com crew for inviting us to speak.
We would love to know what you think about the presentation so please let us know.

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Posts Tagged ‘Focus Interactive Summit’

All Things Small & Medium Business – Free Focus.com Interactive Summit on 10/28/10

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

On October 28, 2010 Focus.com is putting on a great FREE online interactive small business summit that is a must attend event for small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and startups.   The agenda is jam packed with a list of heavy hitters and small business thought leaders like Fran Tarkenton (calm down Mike, we know he was your hero while you grew up in MN),  Anita Campbell, Brent Leary, Ramon Ray, the Swami Shashi Bellamkonda and many many more. The sign up information and full list of speakers and topics is available at Focus.com.   The FREE online event lasts from 11am-6pm ET.  and the range of topics is wide and covers items such as:

1) The Small Business Survival Guide;

2) Accounting and Finance Secrets;

3) Connecting with Customers through New Media Channels;

4) Socialization of the SMB;

5) Top 10 Web Marketing Strategies;

6) IT for SMBs;

7) New Revenue Streams for SMBs with Partner Marketing; and

8) Security for SMBs (Ok Mike and I are representing KikScore and are speakers for this presentation – by the way, we are not heavy weights, but just heavy!).

Anyway, this really is a very exciting online summit and is going to have a ton of valuable information for entrepreneurs.  We have to say a special thanks to Anita Campbell for recommending us to Focus to be a part of this presentation and also Courtney Sato from Focus.com who has been great with preparing for next week’s session.

So please sign up.  The event should be excellent and we are really excited about the opportunity to be a part of this great small business event next week!

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