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Guess what, you’re new best friend is LinkedIn

February 10th, 2011 | Uncategorized | No Comments »
Gigya, a company that integrate business websites with social media sites, such as Twitter (need I go on?), has done a recent study. The results of which say that more people are choosing to log into business tailored websites using their LinkedIn ID’s. Since Linked In has begun letting  people use their LinkedIn ID to sign in to other websites, business websites have taken advantage of that. Thus LinkedIn is becoming the favorite social sign in tool for many websites.
LinkedIn is your best friend because of 4 things.
  1. Intergrate :  Actually, get LinkedIn intergration. How are you going to make use of it if you don’t have it? Since more people seem to want to use their professional identities than personal identies for business tailored websites, this can be an advantage for these types of sites.
  2. Participate :  Make sure your company has a prescense on LinkedIn. If no one knows who you all are, why should they come visit you? You can sync your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to make sure you have the same information on both. Also, on LinkedIn’s directory you can find industry groups to get involved with and you can use those connections to grow your network.
  3. Collaborate : Exactly what the label says. Two good companies that will help you to do this on LinkedIn are Manymoon and Huddle.
  4. Generate :  Ask customers to write recommendations for you on Linked In and use the site yourself to answer related questions. People who search in the answers section of LinkedIn will find the questions that you answered.

Due to the increasing number of people separating their social and professional identities, it seems likely the number of people using Linked In is going to grow. It’s best if you start making a presence on LinkedIn today.

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