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Greetings from the Summer Planet!

August 5th, 2010 | Small Business | 7 Comments »

Zdravo, I’m Mitali,current dweller on the summer planet and  KikScore’s latest intern! You’re probably wondering what the summer planet is…well I think it looks like this (well mine anyway). Here’s a bit about me.  I’m going to be a freshman at Maryland in the fall.Right now I’m planning on majoring in Biochemistry. My hobbies are reading, drawing and finding various words in different languages. If you know any good books, let me know. (The drawing of the planet is mine by the way)  What I hope to give you is college student’s perspective on online security and whatever else comes to mind. I’ll be posting on either Tuesday or Thursday, so stop by. (By the way, if anyone can guess what language I used at the beginning of this post, then you get a cookie[drawn by yours truly]! I’ll give you a hint. I used script converter by Google[note that it is a beta, so that should narrow down your choices]) See you next time!

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7 Responses

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere (you’re Father told us you were here). Zdravo is Croatian for “hi,” right?

  2. mitalib says:

    Thank you! That’s not what Google said, but then again the phonetic translation could be wrong. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the language I had in mind, so you don’t get the cookie, but you do get a special “thank you for guessing” picture…as soon as I figure out how to put the image up here. Meanwhile, you can find your gift picture here.

  3. Kim Oser says:

    Hey Mitali! I hope you are getting excited for U of MD! Google translator told me it Slovenian for Hello. I know that is not much different than Shannon Renee’s guess. If it is right, I like sugar cookies or Snickerdoodle cookies. = ) Hope you have been having a great summer!

    • mitalib says:

      Thank You! Yes, it was. Congratulations, you get a cookie! (Sorry, I’m not entirely sure how to draw sugar or snickerdoodle cookies 🙁 . )

  4. Kami Huyse says:

    I am too late for the cookie, but sunflowers are a favorite of mine.

  5. Looking forward to your posts!

  6. mitalib says:

    Thank you both. Here are your sunflowers Kami Huyse.

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