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Look Who's Talking: Shustir.com, The Online Marketplace For Small Business

December 10th, 2009 | Small Business | 1 Comment »


We here at KikScore are excited about teaming up with Shustir.com…a very unique marketplace and community for smaller and newer businesses.  After talking to the Shustir Team, it’s clear that their business is based on a passion to help everyone get online and connect.  As part of our effort to get to know what is important to the online and small business community, Shustir is letting us interview some of their members on a weekly basis — introducing their business and hear their take on what’s important to grow in the current economic environment.

Our first interview is with Shustir, to introduce them to our readers and readers at large (we’re targeting the literate demographic these days).  So, without further delay, we’re proud to introduce you to Shustir.com:

1. Tell us about Shustir.com and who it focuses on serving? Shustir.com is a social networking site that provides its members with top of the line e-commerce storefronts at an unbelievable rate. Imagine being able to start a store and sell anything you want to anyone in the whole world for a few dollars a month!

We also provide an excellent marketplace for consumers to come and browse businesses in their own neighborhoods and local businesses around the world.

2. Where is Shustir focusing most if its energy in 2010? Shustir is making its online marketplace into a vibrant community in 2010. Vendors and service providers from every neighborhood in the world can come together to participate in this virtual bazaar. The activity in the marketplace will give individual storefronts a new level of web visibility and dramatically increase their click-through traffic.

3. If you had 2 lessons learned from the start up experience that you could pass on to others, what would those be?

a. Establish who you are as a company early on and develop that personality. If you don’t have a strong company identity people will always have a hard time grasping exactly what it is you do.

b. Set clear goals that lead to actual monetization and achieve them. It’s fun to have a company but if you aren’t always moving towards making it a profittable one, you won’t be a company for long.

4. If Shustir could be any movie or movie character, what movie would it be and why? If Shustir were a movie character it would be the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella. With almost no effort at all Shustir can turn your humble business into a beautiful online storefront and give you the transportation to get to the internet ball where you can meet the handsome prince, your new customers! But unlike the Fairy, our magic doesn’t wear off at midnight.

5. If you could buy a potential customer a drink, what drink would it be? A Martini. Shustirred, not stirred.

6. While having that drink with the potential customer, what would you like to talk about with them? About how good that pun I just made was! Then I would talk to them about what they thought they did better than anyone else in the world. And then I would talk about how that thing could become a Shustir storefront in the next 15 minutes. Then I would ask if the wanted another Shutini.

7. If you could give that potential customer one CD from a 1980’s band, what CD would it be and why? Well first I would ask why we are using CDs for 80s band? Why not a cassette tape!? But if I could pick one album to give our customers from the 80s it would have to be Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. Because Big Business has dominated American commerce for too long and now that we have the internet and wonderful tools like Shustir, we’re not gonna take it anymore!

8. Do you have any parting thoughts? Local businesses have been really suffering over the last decade. Main Street has given way to the Big Box and Mom and Pop have lost out to the Board Room. The democratizing power of the internet is going to change all of that and Shustir wants to be part of this movement. Come to Shustir.com and see what all the fuss is about.

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  1. BizSugar.com says:

    Look Who’s Talking: Shustir.com, The Online Marketplace For Small Business…

    This is an interview of Shustir.com and the great small business marketplace they have. Its all about small businesses supporting other small businesses….

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