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Ever Wonder Why Small Businesses Need Internet Merchant Accounts? – This Post is For You!

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

What is an internet merchant account? It’s an account that allows you to have customers enter their credit card information directly on your website.  This means that customers don’t have to call, mail or fax their orders in.  When customer’s credit cards are accepted through an internet merchant accounts, they are immediately processed. An internet merchant account is only used for online transactions. If you have a regular merchant account, you will need to get an internet merchant account if you want to do online transactions. An internet merchant account provider such as North American Bancard is a one option to look into when searching for a provider.

Why do you need an internet merchant account if you already have a merchant account? Internet merchant account rules and regulations differ from merchant accounts.  You cannot process internet orders through a merchant account; you need an internet merchant account for this.  Since the merchant almost never sees the customer’s card, there are more stringent rules and regulations to protect against fraud for internet merchant accounts. To get started with an internet merchant account, it’s best to get one from a merchant account provider such as North American Bancard.  Why should you get an internet merchant account from a merchant account provider? The providers know the rules and regulations and can help you navigate the system.

How much does it cost? An internet merchant account costs the same as a mail/telephone order account.

What if you are using electronic checks? If you want to accept electronic check orders, you will need a separate internet merchant account called an electronic check internet merchant account. You will still need a regular merchant account.

Why is it beneficial to get an internet merchant account? If you do most of your business online, it is beneficial because it is a safe and easy way of allowing your customers to pay online. Internet merchant accounts are especially beneficial for small business who do most of their transactions online. Do you sell jewelry online? Then you might want to think of getting an internet merchant account. Using an internet merchant account means that the process of paying for a product or service will be faster than phone/fax/mail orders, which means happy customers!  Also if you have an internet merchant account, your business seems more reputable because your customers will know that their transactions are safer.

If you are using or have used an internet merchant account, what is your experience with it?

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