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Sell Online? Signup for KikScore 's Free Beta Service

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Try KikScore Free

We here at KikScore want to help small e-tailers and online merchants succeed by selling more.  So we launched a new product late last month that allows small online businesses the ability to demonstrate to online shoppers that their business is trustworthy, reliable and has a trackrecord of success.

How does demonstrating trust help your store out?  Shoppers often look for signs of trust before they buy from an online store. (We discussed this issue here and here previously)  So why not give those shoppers information that directly relates to how trustworthy your business is.

The KikScore service allows you to take both publicly available information and verified information about your business and directly display it to online shoppers on your website.   The information is displayed through a dynamic KikScore seal that is continually being updated.  And even better, all of that information then gets scored and you can display your trust score to your shoppers.  Its like presenting shoppers a continually updated report card about your business. Now, just like in the 6th grade, you can get cash from more customers, in return for your good report card!

Sign Up Information

Please try us out. The service is free for a limited time.  Don’t worry, we will give you at least 60 days notice before we start to to charge for the product and you can cancel at any time.  You can sign up your business here.

Its a no lose situation for you business.  Try out our FREE service that allows your store to demonstrate trust so you can increase sales.

Examples of Some Merchants Using KikScore Seals

If you are wondering how the KikScore seal looks.  Here are three sites that are using the seal:

Interactive Security Group (KikScore’s parent company)



Click here for a free sign ups for the KikScore service.  And come back and tell us what you think in the comments. Also check out the new KikScore video!

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Posts Tagged ‘Launch’

KikScore.com – Online businesses check us out!

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Welcome to the first post for Kikscore.com. This is the inaugural post.

If you read this blog……..all of your dreams will come true. This is the first post for the KikScore blog. Here is a brief introduction of the people, the company and the product.


We are 8 of us from Virginia to Washington DC to Denver that have come together to launch KikScore. This entire product was launched on nights and weekend work while working our day job so we are all pretty darn proud of pulling this product launch off. We have different skills sets from product development, business development, engineering and technology, scoring model development, legal, operations, watching movies, rooting for football teams that perpetually let us down and wanting desperately to act in a Jean Claude Van Damme-Karate movie. Watch out for our video ads….the last skill/wish may just come true!


The people mentioned above make up the company the Interactive Security Group. ISG owns KikScore.com. The official movie of the company is SuperBad and Blades of Glory. For the science fiction lovers on our team, ok they get to say Star Trek is an officially movie of our Legal department.


Online merchants have always had a trust problem with online shoppers. Which merchant should a shopper trust? Which merchant is a lying, stealing, mustachioed, tank-top wearing, jack booted thug that is going to steal a shoppers identity or ruin the shoppers credit. This perception of shopping in the dark has cost online merchants billions of dollars a year in lost sales.

Merchants now have the solution to the problem of showing that they are trustworthy. They also get to use public information about themselves to demonstrate that they are trustworthy to shoppers. KikScore takes a vast amount of information from multiple sources and provides it in one place for a merchant to show their shoppers that they are trustworthy. Even better, the merchant will have all of this information scored into a trust score or the KikScore. In one place, merchants will be able to demonstrate trust so that they can increase their sales!

People.Company.Product = KikScore.com

Tell us what you think……because we are here to stay.

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