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Startup Lessons Learned: Hire people who roll up their sleeves

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Link: Lessons Learned: Hire people who roll up their sleeves

I came across this excellent 3 minute video of Matt Greeley, CEO of Brightidea who was interviewed by Bambi Francisco of Vator.tv on the startup lessons he has learned.  It is a good video interview and he has some great guidance for startups (and frankly small businesses too) including one that probably every startup and small business should follow: hire and surround yourself with people on your team who will roll up their sleeves.  I will add one additional point to his recommendation.  Make sure your team is full of self-starters that every day are helping the startup show tangible progress that contributes to meeting (and exceeding) the company’s goals.  You can roll up your sleeves and get busy work done, but not show real progress.  On the other hand, self-starters that contribute every day to moving the company forward are invaluable.  The success of your startup is only on the line if you do not have a team made up of these types of people.  For more information on team building for your startup, here is an earlier post on this subject.

Please tell us your thoughts on the video and your approach to your team.

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