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Vegas: Good For Business, Bad For Relationships

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Here’s the situation:  Raj and I are going to be speaking at a conference in a few months.  It will be a great opportunity to talk about KikScore and learn from fellow entrepreneurs.  Sounds good, right?  Um, did I mention it is in Las Vegas?  Did I mention that my wife is not really into Vegas?  I guess she doesn’t mind Vegas in and of itself.  She minds me going to Vegas with Raj — unsupervised.  I’ll let it go that she thinks I need supervision and get to the main point. 

Sometimes what is great for business — e.g. new partnerships, conferences, new channel development — is not necessarily great for your personal life.  I’m not even talking about work/life balance (which i’m convinced is not every achievable).  Instead it’s a matter of value conflict.  Let’s say that KikScore could sign a lucrative deal with a deplorable company.  I would at least think about it.  My wife would be dead set against it — and I think she’d judge me a little for doing the proposed deal. 

So what’s the end result of my Vegas dilemma — I’m going to Vegas with Raj…and Raj and my wife.  Geez!

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