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How to Boost Your Company’s Facebook Popularity

January 4th, 2011 | Small Business | No Comments »

Most small business owners today are starting to recognize the power of managing their online presence. Having a Facebook page is an important part of managing that presence. But how can business owners gain popularity on Facebook?

Facebook users today have the option of selecting “likes”.  A user can publicly press a “like” button to indicate that they “like” a brand or a company that they support. So how can you increase the number of users pressing that button to support your business? Here are a few tips to help make your company more popular on Facebook:

-Make sure your audience and former customers know that your company has a Facebook page. Obvious, I know. A recent study by DDB Worldwide and Opinionway Research made this concept even more clear and found that three-quarters of Facebook users worldwide decided to “like” a brand/company only after the company extended an invitation or advertised. In other words, your audience is not necessarily seeking your business out on Facebook. So make the first move! Also, make sure your Facebook page is mentioned on your company website and on your Twitter page,  and on any other social media website you may have.

-Keep your audience entertained by posting interesting content regularly. If you post interesting articles or content, your Facebook fans will be more likely to share this information with their Facebook audience. This could ultimately bring more fans to your Facebook page and to your business.

-Encourage your audience not only by posting interesting content but by eliciting their feedback and then responding accordingly. Your fans will be more likely to submit feedback if they think you’re actually reading their feedback and responding to it.

-Reward your Facebook fans with special offers posted only through your Facebook page.

-Don’t overwhelm fans of your Facebook page with constant messages. After awhile, they may stop reading them or even remove your company as a “like”.

What are some other ways to boost your company’s Facebook popularity? What has worked for you? What hasn’t worked?

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