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Asked About Your Business? Better Get a Good “Story”

April 1st, 2011 | Uncategorized | No Comments »

What’s your company’s story?  As we’ve been talking to partners, investors and media people, that seems to be a favorite question.  At first, the question comes across as a bit offensive.  I mean if I’m at a party and someone I’m introduced to starts off the conversation with “what’s your story”, I’d start thinking of how to get leave the room without making a scene.  What’s my story, bud, what the hell is your story?!

But my defensive/aggressive nature aside, “what’s your story” is an invitation for you to describe your company and management team in the best possible light.  I mean, yes, it’s a bit demeaning in the sense that you’d like to think your company’s story is unique and shouldn’t be bucketed into a group of other relatable concepts.  But it’s also empowering and a chance to frame the debate.  Let me give you an example:

Here’s the KikScore unvarnished history: 5 nights and weekends entrepreneurs – mostly from the Midwest — with a product that helps promote a business’ reputation and trustworthiness.

Here’s what I say when I’m asked what KikScore’s “Story”:  KikScore is FaceBook meets Twitter meets Foursquare.  It was founded by 5 former British Royals and a reclusive vampire with extensive .Net coding experience. 

See how much better the second version of our “story” is?  Sometimes, when I’m asked the question, I start telling the story of my favorite Friends episode.  If they don’t like the joke, at least I get to remember Friends. 

So, dear readers, what’s your business’ story?  Make it good.

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