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Contractor Choices — How Can they build trust online?

July 7th, 2010 | Online & Small Business Resources,Small Business | No Comments »

Summer sun brings external home improvements.  Usually, these are self-driven so you as a homeowner, can plan, schedule accordingly and select a contractor that suits your needs.  Unless, of course, you live in an HOA driven community that forces such improvements upon you.  Welcome to my world… There is a team of painters going from block to block (I live in an urban rowhome community) painting the exterior of our homes.  The process started with a power wash, then caulking, then they are now covering windows with tarps and then finally painting.  In watching the row across from us, the entire process is very lengthy.

The thing is, I had no option to ‘vote’ on which painting company was selected.  So how do I know I can trust these guys?  I just have to deal with the process set forth and hope for the best.  Now I trust my HOA to an extent, so I can feel somewhat comfortable that the end result will be Ok.

But, an online survey of all homeowners would have been a more ideal approach.  Each homeowner could have reviewed the list and looked at the painting company websites to cast a vote.  Different painting company websites may have had specific trust seals that could have swayed homeowner decisions.  The HOA could then have made a decision based upon feedback and cost and worked from homeowner recommendations.  We are a tight community, and value each others opinions.  But alas, we were not given this opportunity.  Not only would this have been a great exercise for my community, but also would have helped to build trust online for the given painting companies that offered up a bid.

If the company doing the work right now does a stellar job, I may go and post some comments on their website in support of them – so they may benefit positively… or negatively if they do a poor job.  How have you helped a contracting or service provider build trust online?

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